Javelin Overview (Gear & Abilities): Storm

Storm Javelin

The Storm is a Javelin you’ll gain access to soon after the start of the game. It is an elemental Javelin that centers around aerial combat and supporting the team by inflicting status on enemies. It appears that this exosuit is relatively squishy so it’s best to allow either a Ranger or Colossus to take the frontlines while Storm deals heavy damage in the backline. As with all our Javelin guides, details are likely to change as we get closer to launch and post-launch. We will update this guide as quickly as possible to ensure all information is relevant.

Unique Mechanics

Status Combo Effect: Each Javelin has a unique combo when attacking “primed” enemies with combo weapons. Enemies are primed by inflicting status on them such as setting them on fire using a gear ability or weapon that applies status effects. Enemies are then “detonated” when attacked using a combo weapon. The Storm’s combo effect has a small AoE and spreads the status effect to other nearby enemies.

Personal Defensive: All Javelins have their own defensive capabilities. The Storm’s is especially powerful, allowing it to teleport / blink a brief distance.

Hover Mechanics: Storm can hover for far longer than the other Javelins and is rewarded for doing so with damage reduction. However, if Storm’s shields are depleted then the exosuit loses the damage reduction.

Health / Shields: Storm has shields and appears to have less health than other Javelins, only sporting a single “bar” from what we can see in IGN’s alpha footage.

Blast Seals

Storm Lightning Strike
Storm targeting her Lightning Strike blast seal. The sphere illustrates the size of AoE blast.

The Storm has access to a few elemental “blast seals” that typically deal Area-of-Effect (AoE) damage and inflict status. Each blast seal deals elemental damage and appear to behave slightly differently. At the time of writing this, there are five blast seals available. Keep in mind that you can only choose one of these options in your loadout, but you can switch between missions.

Lightning Strike is an AoE lightning-damage ability. It sends a bolt of lightning towards the ground, dealing AoE lightning damage on impact

Ice Storm is an AoE ice-damage ability. It creates a field of ice that deals damage to any enemies in its radius, building to an “explosion of frost”

Flame Burst is an AoE fire-damage ability. It ignites a designated area in a fiery explosion, dealing AoE fire damage

Rime Blast is a projectile ice-damage and status-based ability. It shoots out several ice projectiles that seek out nearby enemies, dealing damage and freezing them

Living Flame is a projectile fire-damage and status-based ability. It blasts out a burst of flame energy that seeks and ignites nearby enemies.

Focus Seals

Storm Javelin Ball Lightning Ability
Ball Lightning, one of the Focus Seals, ricocheting off a wall. Can hit enemies behind cover.

In addition to Blast Seals, the Storm also has access to Focus Seals. Unlike the Blast seals, Focus seals are centered around aiming elemental projectiles at enemies rather than massive AoE attacks. As with all your gear, you will only be able to select one of the options below for your loadout, but can switch between missions.

Hoarfrost Shards is an ice-damage and status-based ability. It rapidly fires several shards of ice that can slowly freeze a target in place.

Fireball is a charged fire-damage attack. It can be shot quickly for a smaller fireball projectile with less damage or charged to produce a larger fireball projectile that deals more damage and explodes. Unknown if cooldown changes depending on charge level or if it passes through enemies.

Ball Lightning is a lightning-damage attack. It produces an electric sphere that can bounce off of walls to hit enemies behind cover. Unknown if it passes through enemies.

Glacial Beam is an ice-damage attack. It fires a beam of ice energy in the targeted direction. Unknown how long the beam lasts.

Arc Burst is a lightning-damage attack. It shoots out an arc of lightning that can leap from one enemy to the next, dealing damage to each enemy it hits.

Support Gear

Storm Javelin Wind Wall
The Storm placing a Wind Wall to protect from incoming projectiles.

Each Javelin has its own set of support gear that it can use to bolster either its own effectiveness or the team’s effectiveness. The Storm has two options available – one is defensive while the other is supportive. Wind Wall seems like it might have some solid use in endgame play depending on how difficult enemies become as it can be used to block off choke points.

Wind Wall is defense-focused, summoning a large elemental wind wall that deflects incoming projectiles. Both allies and yourself can shoot through wall. Enemies can walk through wall.

Nexus is support-focused, creating a small field which reduces gear cooldown for both Storm and any allies that enter its radius. Depending on how much cooldowns are reduced, this could be a staple for coordinated play.

Melee Ability and Ultimate Ability

Storm Ultimate Ability Elemental Storm
The Storm about to drop a meteor on some unlucky foes.

Unlike the gear attachments we’ve covered up until now, you cannot change your melee and ultimate ability. Bioware has noted they may change this in the future (at least for melee weapons), but for now there is no customization available for melee or ultimates. Here’s what to expect from the Storm’s melee weapon and ultimate ability.

Fiery Strike is a close-range seal that the Storm can use to blast enemies with a small explosion which has knockback. Seems more CC focused than damage focused. 

Elemental Storm is the Storm’s ultimate ability. This summons three separate targetable AoE attacks of Frost, Lightning and Fire. Each three AoE attack areas can then have a meteor “or something” summoned down upon them which deals heavy damage.

Our Assessment

Naturally it’s difficult to have an opinion on a Javelin before even playing it, so take what we say with a grain of salt. However, we’re passionate theory-crafters so let’s share our overall thoughts on the Storm. From what we can see so far, the Storm is the go-to Javelin for priming enemies with status effects.  This is because all of Storm’s abilities have elemental damage and several can inflict status effect on enemies. Allies can then use their weapons and abilities to combo on enemies. Depending on how heavy the combo meta is in Anthem, this could make Storm a staple in team comps.

Storm is also likely one of the best CC Javelins thanks to the mass amount of AoE damage and ice-based seals which appears to have one of the better status effects. Lastly, we’re interested in seeing how powerful Nexus is in practice as reducing cooldowns can sometimes lead to “broken” interactions in games especially if cooldown reduction effects stack. Of course this is all speculation at this point, but we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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