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Interceptor Full Body

The Interceptor is a Javelin you’ll gain access to soon after the start of the game. It is an agile Javelin that focuses on close-quarter combat and high damage output. It is a squishy Javelin, but is agile enough to evade damage in the hands of a skilled pilot. As with all our Javelin guides, details are likely to change as we get closer to launch and post-launch. We will update this guide as quickly as possible to ensure all information is relevant.

Unique Mechanics

Status Combo Effect: Each Javelin has a unique combo when attacking “primed” enemies with combo weapons. Enemies are primed by inflicting status on them such as setting them on fire using a gear ability or weapon that applies status effects. Enemies are then “detonated” when attacked using a combo weapon. The Interceptor’s combo effect adds an aura to the Javelin based on the element the primed enemy was affected by. This aura inflicts status on nearby enemies and (possibly) changes melee attacks to point blank AoE.

Personal Defensive: All Javelins have their own defensive capabilities. The Interceptor is capable of a triple dash, allowing you to traverse the battlefield swiftly and choose your engagements.

Health / Shields: The Interceptor has shields and appears to have two health bars / segments based on IGN’s alpha footage.

Assault Systems

Interceptor Acid Bomb
Interceptor throwing Acid Bomb at an enemy. Bomb explodes into large Acid cloud that briefly lingers.

The Interceptor has a number of assault system options that can both assist in dealing damage and applying status to enemies. Interceptor is also unique in that it is the only Javelin thus far that has a gear ability that is centered on mobility (Spark Dash). Keep in mind that you can only choose one of these options in your loadout, but you can switch between missions.

Seeker Glaive is a projectile gear ability. It sends out a razor-sharp glaive projectile that seeks out nearest target.

Acid Bomb is an AoE acid-based damage gear ability. It throws a grenade that explodes into a large acid cloud that damages nearby enemies.

Cryo Glaive is a projectile ice-based damage gear ability. It seeks out a nearby target similar to Seeker Glaive then freezes it on impact.

Cluster Mine is an area denial gear ability. It throws out a number of mines in an area that explode on contact with enemies.

Spark Dash is an electricity-based movement gear ability. Interceptor dashes forward, leaving an arc of electricity behind it that damages enemies.

Strike Systems

Interceptor Strike Systems

While both the Interceptor’s Assault and Strike systems have AoE and single-target options, Strike systems tend to be more focused on single-target gear. The Interceptor is unique here in that it is the only Javelin able to produce an A.I based companion that can attack enemies (Nova Strike). As with all your gear, you will only be able to select one of the options below for your loadout, but can switch between missions.

Star Strike is an AoE based gear ability. It charges an enemy with energy which explodes after a short delay. If the enemy is killed prior to the explosion, the damage from the explosion is increased.

Plasma Star is a projectile single-target gear ability. It throws a plasma-empowered shuriken at an enemy, dealing damage on impact. Effective long-range.

Nova Strike is a companion producing gear ability. It creates a projection of the Interceptor which attacks nearby enemies.

Tempest Strike is a single-target gear ability. It deals heavy damage to a single target and can stun smaller enemies.

Corrosive Spray is an acid-based damage gear ability. It sprays out acid that damages all enemies that are hit.

Support Gear

Each Javelin has its own set of support gear that it can use to bolster either its own effectiveness or the team’s effectiveness. The Interceptor has two options available – one with a damage focus and other with a support focus. In our opinion, Rally Cry is less likely to be used as Status effects in these types of games tend to be minor inconveniences except in niche cases like (potentially) against bosses.

Target Beacon is damage-focused, marking a target for increased damage and switching to another enemy if that target dies.

Rally Cry is support-focused, removing Status effects from all allies (and likely the user as well).

Melee Ability and Ultimate Ability

Interceptor Ultimate Ability Assassin's Blades
The Interceptor pulling out its Assassin Blades to slice and dice through enemies.

Unlike the gear attachments we’ve covered up until now, you cannot change your melee and ultimate ability. Bioware has noted they may change this in the future (at least for melee weapons), but for now there is no customization available for melee or ultimates. Here’s what to expect from the Interceptor’s melee weapon and ultimate ability.

Double-Bladed Daggers is a pair of daggers the Interceptor wields and can use to melee enemies swiftly. The Interceptor is designed with melee in mind meaning these daggers should be fluid to use and deal solid DPS. 

Assassin’s Blades is the Interceptor’s ultimate ability. Pull out your powerful blades and swiftly carve through enemies with ease. From gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, this is a very high DPS ultimate but compensates by requiring you to be in melee range.

Our Assessment

Naturally it’s difficult to have an opinion on a Javelin before even playing it, so take what we say with a grain of salt. However, we’re passionate theory-crafters so let’s share our overall thoughts. The Interceptor is by far the most mobile of the Javelins, offering players the ability to triple dash by default. This movement can be further improved by using Spark Dash in the Assault Systems slot.

Furthermore, the Javelin specializes in melee combat which can be excellent for clearing out mobs of enemies swiftly although we’re concerned about the effectiveness of melee on bosses or elite mobs. The Interceptor is also one of two Javelins that can use acid-based gear abilities, the other being Colossus. Acid’s status effect applies a “damage taken debuff” to enemies so this is a fairly useful element to have in your arsenal.

Overall, we suspect the Interceptor will be popular among “hardcore” players who want to speedrun missions. It appears that between melee and Target Beacon, Interceptor can likely deal high single-target DPS. The aura from its combo is hard to theorize about now without seeing it in action as it is one of those types of effects that’s either incredible or garbage in our experience. Of course this is all speculation at this point, but we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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