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What is this Website?

Javelin Armory is a fansite dedicated to Bioware’s Anthem. We have a weak spot for shooter looters (see our sister site on Warframe), so we just had to cover this game. As you’ll find out in the next section, we’re big on quality and having in-depth content. That means our guides are the type of guides that teach you how to do that obscure technique that saves 5 seconds instead of just the surface-level content.

Looking to min-max your Javelin? You can bet we’re going to have guides on loadouts with the best synergies and the “meta picks.” We can already hear you grunting when hearing the word “meta” since it tends to plague every game released including those that are exclusively PvE. Don’t worry, we intend on covering our fair share of both “optimal” and “fun” so you can find whatever playstyle suits you best.

In short, if you’re looking to become better at Anthem or learn something new then consider bookmarking our site. You won’t be disappointed!

Who Are We?

“We” are actually one person, but don’t tell anyone. In the future this might change so we prefer using plural pronouns, plus it sounds more professional which is clearly important for a gaming site. In all seriousness, I am a hardcore gamer that has played all types of games, but primarily shooters and MMOs. Back in the 2000 – 2009 era, dedicated fansites used to be the place to go for information on a video game.

Nowadays the scene has entirely shifted to YouTube and Twitch. These forms of media are excellent, but I find myself often looking for high quality written guides as they are far quicker to skim through. Many “guides” that are found on fansites these days tend to be relatively shallow because they generate the most revenue for the time invested. Often guides written in Google Docs or on forums by random players are higher quality than the content on fansites despite fansites monetizing their content.

Our goal is to create high quality content and guides that dive in-depth on game mechanics. We monetize our content as well, but we hope that you’ll find our content is worth wading through ads for. If not, feel free to enable that Adblocker as a vote of disapproval (or leave us a comment – we’re receptive to criticism). Overall I think you’ll find the content is more than worth your time though – see what you think for yourself!

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