Storm Ultimate Ability Elemental Storm

Javelin Overview (Gear & Abilities): Storm

Storm is an elemental-based Javelin that excels at priming enemies for combos by applying status effects rapidly. In this overview guide, we cover all of Storm’s gear options along with abilities and mechanics so you can know what to expect when using this Javelin.

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Interceptor Ultimate Ability Assassin's Blades

Javelin Overview (Gear & Abilities): Interceptor

The Interceptor is by far the most mobile of all the Javelins, sporting a triple dash and also having the only mobility gear ability in the game thus far. Looking to speedrun some missions? The Interceptor is for you. Looking to slice and dice? The Interceptor is for you. Let’s breakdown all the gear and unique mechanics so you know exactly what to expect when playing this Javelin.

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Colossus Ultimate Ability Siege Cannon

Javelin Overview (Gear & Abilities): Colossus

The Colossus is a giant, tank-based Javelin that you can play in Anthem. It is the only Javelin that can wield heavy weaponry and has tons of fire power at the sacrifice of ground mobility. In this overview, we’ll cover all the Colossus’s gear and abilities so you know what to expect when playing this exosuit.

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Ranger Ultimate Ability: Multi-Target Missile Battery

Javelin Overview (Gear & Abilities): Ranger

The Ranger is the first Javelin that players have access to and is considered Anthem’s mascot. He is described as an all-around, versatile Javelin that is capable of a wide range of roles. From what we can see so far, it seems that he will excel in single-target DPS. Time will tell as we get closer to launch!

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